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The Soul's Wish

“Transformation occurs when we lose our way and find a new way to return.” Shaun McNiff  


Nothing stays the same. If you and your life are pulling in different directions, you feel disenchanted or at an impasse, coaching can help you ignite - or reignite - your love of life. Whether there's a specific problem that persists, or you just know that something needs to shift, I'd love to work with you in  bringing your untapped inner richness into the life you're living.

I don't  try to ‘fix’ problems directly by promoting specific actions. Rather, as a Jungian Coach, I accompany you for a short time on your inner adventure and support you to access your capacity for self-healing, and to know that you are ‘more than’ your dilemma. This inner re-alignment will bring new freedom and ease to your decisions and actions, whether you choose major changes or subtle adjustments.

Working together this way, you'll uncover inner resources and some of the wisdom that lies beneath the surface of your conscious mind. I'll help facilitate deep reflection as your companion in the process of developing

a better relationship with the bigger Self. This process, which Jung called individuation, can re-enchant your life with a sense of purpose, passion, meaning, grounding and adaptability - the Soul’s wish.

How should you prepare? It can be helpful to reflect on the aspects of your life that feel out of alignment. If you remember any dreams, please record them and bring them to the sessions, but it's not vital. We will draw on your body’s wisdom, imagery, myths and folk tales and the uncovering of patterns - there are many ways to work together. It’s a creative process, unique to each individual. 

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