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Deepening your connection to your guided visualisation images

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

After a guided visualisation, how can you deepen your understanding of the images that you encountered?

It’s easy to enjoy the relaxation of a guided visualisation or meditation, and then to forget it, just as we can forget our dreams so quickly, but if we want to develop a stronger relationship with our unconscious wisdom, it can be helpful to maintain an inner dialogue with an image that’s appeared in a visualisation or a dream.

We can move towards meeting the image in many ways. We might seek out an object that appeared; I dreamt about sieving frozen peas in response to a question I had asked about my work before sleep. Preparing frozen peas for dinner the next evening, I was reminded how easily and effortlessly I could provide something nutritious. That unambitious ease and effortlessness was the attitude I needed to bring to my work at that time.

In a visualisation I pulled an old locket on a chain out of a stream. The next day, I looked out boxes of my old jewellery and mementoes and found the locket. In it were pictures of my mother as a young woman, and a very dear great aunt. I’d been doing a course, Retire Your Family Karma, by Dr Ashok Bedi – and this was a clue about an area of my family history that might be worth considering for deeper reflection.

We can ask ourselves what our associations are to the image, describe it, as if explaining the object or person to a stranger, or even to an alien. Ask the image, allowing ourselves to imagine how it would answer, what are its traits? What does it want; what does it fear; what makes it happy, and importantly, what does it want us to know? And ask ourselves, how do we feel about it?

If we grasp a meaning very quickly, we’re likely to be missing something. There can be several layers of interpretation, and indicators that we’re touching on its message is that it both surprises us, and resonates.

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