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I've found what I love doing most

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

As I studied Jungian personality profiling with Personality Hackers, a big question emerged. The Flow Question is one that addresses our true love and purpose: “What do you love doing soooo much that you would keep doing it until you were forced to stop?” A classmate spoke of a Jungian coaching course & I was so excited – I didn’t know it existed until she mentioned it! I experienced a rare moment of 100% certainty. I had to take this course. So now I have my own answer to the Flow Question: Jungian Life Coaching is my flow.

Today I received my Jungian Coaching certificate from Jung Platform, so I am now inviting clients to join me. I’m really interested in working with anyone who wants to access the inner resources and wisdom which lie beneath our conscious minds. The tools I now have will help you find your way. No advice – just companionship as you walk your path of life. I can walk with you into the forest, ask helpful questions, help navigate places that feel blocked, and avoid the bears!

This style of coaching supports you in developing a better relationship with your bigger Self. Whatever you choose to do with your life can be renewed with a sense of purpose, passion, meaning, grounding, and adaptability. It’s a creative process, drawing on the body’s wisdom, dreams, imagery, fairy tales, and the uncovering of patterns. The process is unique to you.

Who do I work with? If someone doesn’t love what they’re doing in life, we are meant for each other. You might be doing something you used to love and it’s changed, or you’ve changed, or you’ve never been truly sure of your vocation at all, or you’re not entirely sure what’s missing. You might just know that something needs to shift.

Your unconscious has its own contributions to make. The process moves, not in a straight line, but circumambulates in a movement towards wholeness. If you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch with me at and we will arrange a free conversation to see if we might work well together.

I have found my purpose for this stage of my life, and I can help you find yours too!

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